Top Rated Accounting Services from a Company you can Trust

When you are looking for top rated accounting services, you want a firm that provides quality services you can trust. A firm that will provide the solutions you need so you can get back to working on growing your business. Whether you need assistance with your tax return, Quickbooks, accounts payable, accounts receivable or payroll, you have come to the right place. Abacus Accounting Solutions provides top rated accounting services to fit your needs. Your complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

Integrity and outstanding customer service are the bedrock of Abacus Accounting Solutions. When you make a call to our offices, one of our friendly representatives will return your call right away. We provide the superior accounting services your business needs to help you grow. We are happy to assist you!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What if I am starting my own business? Should I hire an accountant?

    It is critical that you get assistance from an accountant that provides top rated accounting services when starting a new business. An accountant will guide you in setting up your organization, as well as all bookkeeping operations like accounts payable, receivable and payroll.

    Is there anything I can do to improve my cash flow?

    It’s vital to have a sound plan if you want to increase cash reserves.

    • Collect overdue payments as soon as possible. Revenue can become lost when your policy isn’t aggressive enough.
    • Keep tight restrictions on credit. A strict credit policy keeps a greater amount of cash on hand and reduces bad debt expenses.
    • Monitor product pricing and be willing to adjust. Small businesses sometimes fail to profit because products and services are priced erroneously. Study the market costs and competition and then price accordingly. Monitor your inventory on a regular basis and make necessary adjustments.
    • Consider taking out a short-term loan to cover temporary cash-flow deficiencies. Equity loans and revolving credit can be used in situations like this.

    Is the accountant I want to use provide quality accounting services and do they have experience in the services that matter most to me?

    A credible accountant has experience in many accounting and tax-related situations. At Abacus Accounting Solutions, we pride ourselves on being experienced, honest professionals. Our accounting services are considered to be top rated and we are proud to serve our clients by providing them the value they deserve.

    I am not in Lee’s Summit. Can I still choose Abacus Accounting Solutions?

    Great question. It isn’t necessary for you to be located in Lees Summit. Given the ease of sending documents, emails and the use of other digital software, doing business with Abacus Accounting Solutions is easy and efficient. We provide high quality accounting services to individuals and businesses in Lees Summit and the surrounding areas.